How To Decorate A Wedding Banquet Hall

Marriage is a special day on which you want to surround yourself with an amazing atmosphere of beauty, tenderness, and sophistication. When the restaurant for the wedding is selected and the invitations are sent out, there comes the moment of preparing the decoration of the banquet hall. This is a very complex and lengthy process, which, of course, should be entrusted to professionals, ideally.

Let’s walk through this article step by step on how to choose to make this process less costly and comfortable. Even if you contact a professional agency that provides room decoration services, it would be nice to already understand the concept of style and the format of decoration.

Banquet Hall Decoration Options

Today you can meet completely different styles and formats of decoration. It depends not only on the budget of the newlyweds but also on individual preferences, the concept, and the format of the holiday.

Decorating options can be many, ranging from traditional floral decorations to grandiose chocolate fountains and ice sculptures.

Before you start organizing the decoration of the hall, you need to clearly understand:

  • Do you want to make a holiday in a certain style (retro, marine, disco, etc.);
  • The number of invited guests;
  • Season of the celebration;
  • Budget.

After you have clearly decided on the number of invited guests, the date of the event and the style of the holiday, you can get to work.

Do it yourself

If you decide to save money and not contact a professional agency, then you can choose several options.

Option number 1. Dressing the room with flowers.

This is the most popular and traditional way, which is especially relevant in the summer. Flowers add elegance and solemnity to the holiday, and their aroma in combination with green plants will create a special atmosphere at the wedding.

In order not to turn the hall into a flower meadow, immediately stop at one type of flower. It can be lilacs, lilies, roses or chamomiles. It all depends on the budget and personal preferences of the newlyweds.

With the help of flowers you can beautifully decorate the newlyweds’ arch, the main table, put in small vases or glasses on the tables. It will be beautiful if the bud of the main flower flaunts on the plates with the guests landing.

In order to additionally bring the surroundings and make the celebration even more elegant, long, white or red candles should be placed on the tables, along with bouquets of flowers. This gives a romantic touch and makes the day even more special.

An important rule, which is worth remembering, is that the hall should be decorated with flowers a maximum of 18-20 hours before the start of the celebration, otherwise such decor will look dull.

Option number 2. Decoration with fabrics.

This style of decor will be ideal for a small room with poor lighting. With the help of snow-white fabric with pink or red bows, you can decorate chairs, tables, performing a beautiful drapery.

It will also be easy to make a figure of a heart or a swan out of fabric, decorating the main table of the newlyweds.

Option number 3. Decoration with balloons.

This is the most affordable way to quickly decorate a large banquet hall. So that the hall does not resemble a celebration of a children’s birthday, pick up 2 primary colors of balloons. Combinations of contrast look very beautiful: white and red, white and pink, pink and gold.

The color of balloons can resonate with the main idea of ​​the holiday so that it all looks stylish and solemn.

Remember the main rule do not overdo it, otherwise, the guests will be uncomfortable.

Bridal Bouquet By Yourself

As you know, the flowers that the bride anxiously squeezes in her hand throughout the wedding celebration, carry not only a decorative function but acquire a sacred meaning. There are a huge number of legends, signs, and beliefs associated with this bouquet, not to mention the fact that at the end of a significant evening the bride will have to part with the flowers it is quite possible that the bouquet will bring luck to one of her unmarried friends So, if you do not want to spend time and money on florists, who, moreover, are very likely not to understand your plan to the end, and, most importantly, if you want your bouquet to be charged with your energy, and not someone else’s Also, we suggest you try to collect your perfect bouquet yourself.

Color selection

Usually, brides prefer roses, this is not surprising: according to tradition, roses of delicate shades are considered an attribute of femininity and girlish beauty. Not for nothing according to legend, when Aphrodite came out of the sea foam to the shore, everywhere, wherever she stepped with her legs, these wonderful flowers bloomed. So, roses are the first and most reliable option, firstly, due to their appearance, and secondly, because of their durability. Roses are practically the only flowers that without any problems will last all day without losing their petals. If you prefer to refuse roses and pay attention to more original options, then you can safely use lilies. Also often the bride’s bouquet is gathered from peonies: they symbolize a strong marriage, a happy family, tender love, fun, and compassion. The only trouble is that peonies are perhaps the most short-lived of all possible colors.

Pay attention to orchids. These beautiful plants are a symbol of freshness, purity, and tenderness, they are considered aristocrats of the flower world. A bouquet made of them will be a wonderful addition to the bride’s delicate image, emphasize her charm, and such a bouquet can remain fresh for quite some time. But the most extravagant flowers, of which, strangely enough, often create wedding masterpieces Callas. This plant came into fashion at the beginning of the 20th century then at the peak of popularity, there were weighty bouquets with long stems decorated with massive bows. Despite the fact that calls are considered masculine flowers, refinement, and tenderness prevail in them, the floral arrangement of them will be the perfect complement to the image of the bride. Such flowers look great in a solo bouquet, they are elegant and chic without any addition. And their stamina allows a happy newlywed not to worry about the preservation of flowers throughout the day.

If you have a large number of movements on your wedding day, you may prefer the most reliable and simple option artificial flowers. Of course, such a bouquet will not exude aroma, but it can be made of any color and shape, supplemented with fancy figures, and most importantly, it will definitely be absolutely unique. And so where you can not deny yourself the pleasure and collect a bouquet, for example, from poppies and other wildflowers, which are not resistant, but incredibly sweet and gentle.

Beauty in the details

The most uncomplicated way to collect a bouquet is at the same time the most popular: it is a miniature round bouquet, the basis for which is a basket it will allow for a long time to preserve the freshness and proper appearance of the flowers, because they have to accompany the bride all day and part of the night.

To make such a bouquet you will need: basket; oasis; twisted cord or tape; double-sided tape.

You will also have to take care of a sharp knife, various decor items sparkling crystals, pearls, bugles, in short, everything that you think will fit your little masterpiece. It will also be necessary to acquire glue and most importantly: fresh flowers and decorative greens.

Getting to work

To begin with, you have to decorate the basket, because, as you know, a work of art consists of little things, so you should not lose sight of anything. Fill the pen with pieces of absorbent material, in other words, napkins or toilet paper this will allow the flowers to hold tight in the portbasket and not fall out at the most crucial moment. Most often, the handle is wrapped with tape or a twisted cord, using a glue gun to fix them securely. Now wrap the handle with cling film this is necessary in order not to accidentally stain the finished part of the bouquet while making another.

Oasis preparation

An oasis is a term used by florists, in fact, means a sponge, which is used in floristry as a basis for creating compositions of freshly cut flowers. As a rule, an oasis is made of a material with capillary properties, which absorbs well and retains moisture for a long time. So, while you are decorating the basket, the oasis needs to be immersed in water so that it is properly wet. Trying to speed up the process is not worth it: if you press on the sponge, it will only deform or fall apart. Check its readiness is very simple: it will darken, become heavier and sink to the bottom.

When the sponge has reached the desired condition, you should carefully remove it from the water and move it to the portbasket, fixing the oasis with wire. The principle is extremely simple: the stronger you attach one element to another, the longer the bouquet will last.

We make the basis of the bouquet

We need to drape the upper part of the basket with greenery. So, for example, rose leaves or any other plant that does not dry out are perfect. We recommend gluing leaves with an overlap, using double-sided tape.

Stems of flowers need to be fastened together. If there is no self-confidence, ready-made pen covers are offered to your attention they are made of fabric or a special spider line. But if one seriously wonders how to make the bride’s bouquet herself, it should be borne in mind that the cuff and basket decorated with fresh herbs look much more elegant.

X moment

And finally, the time has come for the most important stage we fill the portbasket with flowers! The stems should be cut, leaving about 6 cm in length: inserted into the oasis, so they will hold tight, without interfering with each other. Flowers must be inserted in a circle as densely as possible to each other. If you want to “dilute” the flowers with greens, leave small gaps between the buds. Now. When the main part is ready, you can start decorating. In matters of decoration, the main thing is not to lose your mind a brilliant bouquet, where no flowers can be seen behind rhinestones, is unlikely to make a positive impression on the environment.

It is also necessary to remember that the first pancake, as everyone knows, is lumpy, so you have to stock up not only with a large number of materials “in reserve”, but also practice in advance. If you didn’t succeed in creating the perfect bride’s bouquet the first time, do not despair, try again!

Exemplary Wedding Menu Options

A wedding is an important and exciting event for every cell of our body in the life of every young couple who decided to tie the knot. In preparation for this momentous event, it is impossible to avoid a large number of thoughts and questions that overcome and need to be addressed.

And the question of the correct preparation of the menu for the wedding is almost one of the most important and monetary.

The difficulty of this issue lies not only in the proper selection of dishes but also in their quantity and quality. After all, I do not want someone to remain hungry and not satisfied. Although to please everyone will never succeed, because someone does not eat mayonnaise, and someone does not like fish or chicken.

That is why, they usually try to create a menu so that the dishes are interchangeable, and no one is left without something tasty. It is necessary to take into account the factor that your wedding may fall during the fasting period or vegetarians will be among your guests. Therefore, the wedding table should contain a large number of cold appetizers, fruits, and vegetables.

For those who are going to celebrate a wedding at home, the question “How to make a wedding menu?” May become the most difficult. Therefore, it is easier, albeit more financially, to celebrate this event in a restaurant. They will help you determine the composition, the number of dishes, and the portioning, and you don’t have to bother with mountains of dirty dishes and cleaning.

Best ideas

The wedding menu for home or cafe usually includes the main sub-items that are easy to remember. The festive table should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, preferably decorated with fresh flowers and decorative elements.

By the beginning of the wedding banquet, the festive table should contain various types of assorted and portioned snacks. Also at this time on the festive table should be juices, mineral water and, of course, alcoholic beverages. Do not forget to keep a balance of meat and fish snacks, cheese and sausage, because on your holiday there will be people with different taste preferences.

  1. The first served cold dishes on the festive table. It can be a variety of seafood snacks, meat snacks, vegetable slices.
  2. Next, a variety of salads are served on the table. It will be better if there are several types of salads on the table than one, but a large bowl. Salads should be meat, for example, Caesar or with bacon and chicken, there are many variations on this subject, both fish and vegetable.
  3. Also, dishes from eggs, butter and cheese will not be superfluous. It can be various stuffed vegetables or even eggs.

After serving salads, wedding agencies recommend slowing down the festive table a little. At this time, the newlyweds will be able to relax, and the guests will be happy to dance and chat with each other. After that, the festive menu is replenished with a list of hot dishes for the wedding.

Main and hot dishes

It is desirable that the main hot dishes perform an aesthetic function on the wedding table. Usually, it is recommended to choose a whole piglet, stuffed fish or turkey. Then there is someone with enough imagination.

Before serving the main hot dish, usually, the waiters still supplement the festive table with portioned hot dishes. It can be steaks from meat, julienne from mushrooms and chicken, baked fish with cheese. Such snacks should not satisfy the main hunger, but should only forget about its existence for 30-40 minutes, during which an entertainment program is held.

Before serving the main hot dish, there must be a break. At this time, the waiters must prepare and clean the table, take away the dirty dishes, bring clean porcelain and cutlery.

The main hot dish is served with a side dish fresh vegetables, baked potatoes or grilled vegetables.

Didn’t forget anything? Well, what a banquet menu for a wedding without alcohol!

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

When calculating alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to take into account approximately the following proportions: for 5 guests 3-4 bottles of strong alcohol, 2-3 bottles of champagne or wine. In addition to alcoholic beverages, it is very important that juices and mineral water be present at the festive tables.


Usually, a cake is the peak of celebration and fun. This expanse is for the imagination and desires of the young. Cakes are very different multi-tiered, with figures, with paintings, with photographs or fruits, restrained or, conversely, with many patterns and decorative elements. Most often, it is prepared for weight, 1.5-2 kg is calculated for 10 guests.

Tea or coffee is served to the dessert, which the waiters bring after the solemn cutting of the wedding cake. A good solution would be the opportunity to drink tea or coffee, when they want, and not in the strictly specified order. This issue must be discussed in advance with the restaurant.

How To Decorate A Wedding Cake At Home

A wedding cake is the final point of your wedding, most of the holidays end with the cutting of the cake. Therefore, it is worth approaching his choice with all responsibility.

There are some of the most important criteria when choosing a wedding cake:

The size

The cake should be large enough to treat all the guests. If you have a small wedding only for loved ones, you can limit yourself to a small modest cake. But those planning a huge banquet just need to choose a large cake. The approximate weight of the cake can be calculated as follows: 100-150 grams of cake for each guest.


Do not forget that on any cake, after all, the most important thing is taste. Try to order a cake where you can pre-taste the product. Avoid sugary sweet and too fatty cakes. After a banquet and all dishes, guests may not master such a cake.


As you know, we perceive food primarily in appearance. If your cake looks appetizing, this will increase the guests’ desire to try it. Remember also that the cake should reflect the style of your wedding.

How to decorate a wedding cake yourself

If you know how to bake well, then you can make a wedding cake yourself. This will save a lot of money to buy in a candy store. But here’s how to decorate a wedding cake at home, this is a completely different matter. We have prepared for you the most original ways to decorate wedding cakes.

Heart cake

Love and wedding always symbolize hearts. If you are planning a small banquet, bake one or two heart-shaped cakes and put them together. You can decorate such a product with red mastic and white cream. As a result, you cannot distinguish your cake from cakes of expensive pastry shops. Mastic is best to buy ready-made in special pastry shops, as it is very difficult to prepare. You can also look at other ‘accessories’ for the cake there. For example, chocolate figurines of the bride and groom or edible beads. The huge advantage of this cake is that it is very easy to cut.

Layered Cakes

For large banquets, young people prefer to order multi-tiered cakes. But the tradition of planting one cake on another gradually departed. This is not practical since such a cake is difficult to cut, the layers often sag under their own weight. Now it’s very fashionable to make several cakes and place them on special coasters. So each cake can be cut separately, but it looks very presentable.

You can decorate such a cake with white mastic and fresh or edible flowers. On a white background, a bright and colorful flower will look especially impressive. You can also use fresh fruits or berries. Try to choose those that keep juice out. Strawberries and all kinds of berries are good.

Cupcake cake

It is very popular in Europe to treat guests at a wedding with a cake, which consists of different cupcakes. These are such small cakes in the middle with a filling and decorated with cream. They can be combined with a small cake or can be served instead of a cake. The advantage of cupcakes is that they are conveniently shared between the guests, and everyone can take as much as they wish. Entire compositions are laid out from cupcakes. They can be of different colors and shapes in accordance with the theme of the wedding. We recommend decorating the main cake with mastic and sweet figures. Such a composition looks just great.

Decorating a wedding cake with your own hands is a simple task if you have a little time and a good imagination left. We wish all newlyweds a sweet and tasty life together.