A wedding cake is the final point of your wedding, most of the holidays end with the cutting of the cake. Therefore, it is worth approaching his choice with all responsibility.

There are some of the most important criteria when choosing a wedding cake:

The size

The cake should be large enough to treat all the guests. If you have a small wedding only for loved ones, you can limit yourself to a small modest cake. But those planning a huge banquet just need to choose a large cake. The approximate weight of the cake can be calculated as follows: 100-150 grams of cake for each guest.


Do not forget that on any cake, after all, the most important thing is taste. Try to order a cake where you can pre-taste the product. Avoid sugary sweet and too fatty cakes. After a banquet and all dishes, guests may not master such a cake.


As you know, we perceive food primarily in appearance. If your cake looks appetizing, this will increase the guests’ desire to try it. Remember also that the cake should reflect the style of your wedding.

How to decorate a wedding cake yourself

If you know how to bake well, then you can make a wedding cake yourself. This will save a lot of money to buy in a candy store. But here’s how to decorate a wedding cake at home, this is a completely different matter. We have prepared for you the most original ways to decorate wedding cakes.

Heart cake

Love and wedding always symbolize hearts. If you are planning a small banquet, bake one or two heart-shaped cakes and put them together. You can decorate such a product with red mastic and white cream. As a result, you cannot distinguish your cake from cakes of expensive pastry shops. Mastic is best to buy ready-made in special pastry shops, as it is very difficult to prepare. You can also look at other ‘accessories’ for the cake there. For example, chocolate figurines of the bride and groom or edible beads. The huge advantage of this cake is that it is very easy to cut.

Layered Cakes

For large banquets, young people prefer to order multi-tiered cakes. But the tradition of planting one cake on another gradually departed. This is not practical since such a cake is difficult to cut, the layers often sag under their own weight. Now it’s very fashionable to make several cakes and place them on special coasters. So each cake can be cut separately, but it looks very presentable.

You can decorate such a cake with white mastic and fresh or edible flowers. On a white background, a bright and colorful flower will look especially impressive. You can also use fresh fruits or berries. Try to choose those that keep juice out. Strawberries and all kinds of berries are good.

Cupcake cake

It is very popular in Europe to treat guests at a wedding with a cake, which consists of different cupcakes. These are such small cakes in the middle with a filling and decorated with cream. They can be combined with a small cake or can be served instead of a cake. The advantage of cupcakes is that they are conveniently shared between the guests, and everyone can take as much as they wish. Entire compositions are laid out from cupcakes. They can be of different colors and shapes in accordance with the theme of the wedding. We recommend decorating the main cake with mastic and sweet figures. Such a composition looks just great.

Decorating a wedding cake with your own hands is a simple task if you have a little time and a good imagination left. We wish all newlyweds a sweet and tasty life together.