Marriage is a special day on which you want to surround yourself with an amazing atmosphere of beauty, tenderness, and sophistication. When the restaurant for the wedding is selected and the invitations are sent out, there comes the moment of preparing the decoration of the banquet hall. This is a very complex and lengthy process, which, of course, should be entrusted to professionals, ideally.

Let’s walk through this article step by step on how to choose to make this process less costly and comfortable. Even if you contact a professional agency that provides room decoration services, it would be nice to already understand the concept of style and the format of decoration.

Banquet Hall Decoration Options

Today you can meet completely different styles and formats of decoration. It depends not only on the budget of the newlyweds but also on individual preferences, the concept, and the format of the holiday.

Decorating options can be many, ranging from traditional floral decorations to grandiose chocolate fountains and ice sculptures.

Before you start organizing the decoration of the hall, you need to clearly understand:

  • Do you want to make a holiday in a certain style (retro, marine, disco, etc.);
  • The number of invited guests;
  • Season of the celebration;
  • Budget.

After you have clearly decided on the number of invited guests, the date of the event and the style of the holiday, you can get to work.

Do it yourself

If you decide to save money and not contact a professional agency, then you can choose several options.

Option number 1. Dressing the room with flowers.

This is the most popular and traditional way, which is especially relevant in the summer. Flowers add elegance and solemnity to the holiday, and their aroma in combination with green plants will create a special atmosphere at the wedding.

In order not to turn the hall into a flower meadow, immediately stop at one type of flower. It can be lilacs, lilies, roses or chamomiles. It all depends on the budget and personal preferences of the newlyweds.

With the help of flowers you can beautifully decorate the newlyweds’ arch, the main table, put in small vases or glasses on the tables. It will be beautiful if the bud of the main flower flaunts on the plates with the guests landing.

In order to additionally bring the surroundings and make the celebration even more elegant, long, white or red candles should be placed on the tables, along with bouquets of flowers. This gives a romantic touch and makes the day even more special.

An important rule, which is worth remembering, is that the hall should be decorated with flowers a maximum of 18-20 hours before the start of the celebration, otherwise such decor will look dull.

Option number 2. Decoration with fabrics.

This style of decor will be ideal for a small room with poor lighting. With the help of snow-white fabric with pink or red bows, you can decorate chairs, tables, performing a beautiful drapery.

It will also be easy to make a figure of a heart or a swan out of fabric, decorating the main table of the newlyweds.

Option number 3. Decoration with balloons.

This is the most affordable way to quickly decorate a large banquet hall. So that the hall does not resemble a celebration of a children’s birthday, pick up 2 primary colors of balloons. Combinations of contrast look very beautiful: white and red, white and pink, pink and gold.

The color of balloons can resonate with the main idea of ​​the holiday so that it all looks stylish and solemn.

Remember the main rule do not overdo it, otherwise, the guests will be uncomfortable.